Insight: Common winter activities and pastime elicit no emotions nowadays.
Communications goals: presenting the new Jägermeister brand identity within the newly designed brand-book, raising brand awareness and customer's interest and involvement  during the 2019 winter period.
After deep analysis of the new brand strategy, having studied the brand values, truths and tone of voice, we highlighted the main aspects and transformed them to the main idea of the campaign: The Dark Side of the Winter.

Jägermeister is a dark, thick and mysterious drink and the winter we show is dark, mysterious and extraordinary.

The whole campaign is built on the idea of hidden meanings, taking a while to reveal.

A number of key visuals were designed, keeping the original brand style.
And the main one is a 3D stereo-vario poster, that is intended to be placed in specific locations along the pedestrian walkway to show its' different sides depending on the viewer's position.

I have also designed the corporate green photo filter to facilitate the creation of the new visuals for the social media.

Unique deer pet masks were designed for the side promotion campaign, where people get a chance to win branded merchandise, posting #JAGERPET photos within social media.

Branded gifts

Unique branded t-shirt with the logo printed with a special reflective paint, emerging only in front of the flashlight.

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