Skindie Lab is a modern indie skincare brand, developed by the American skincare experts and enthusiasts. Young, smart, fun enough, focused and functional, simple, sustainable, inspired and inspiring - that's what defines us. Intelligence, knowledge and science are the brand basis, but we’re not too serious. We work hard, though we talk and look relaxed. Our products are designed to be practical and useful. Above all.
The name of the brand originated from the combination of "indie" and "skincare" words,emphasizing the scientific approach with the "lab" particle. Natural born ingredients perfectly calibrated and mixed at the frontier of science with the focus on individual customer's needs.
We carefully designed the brand, starting from the name, logo and brand strategy, which has evolved to the full brand identity, including packaging and animations.
Branding / Art Direction: Denis Cre
Animation: Dima Buriachenko

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